What to expect when you register online for a Lukeion Project course:

Please remember that you have not secured a seat in any class for which you have not paid. Once you send us your registration form online, we personally process your registration in the order received. We always try to do so quickly but let us know if you believe your registration was 'lost in cyber space' (namely, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours of submitting a registration during weekly business hours).

We will total your amount after discounts and invoice you by email to pay by check or PayPal (please be sure to pick your choice on the form).

Please pay promptly. Unpaid seats are considered vacant. Around 24 hours prior to the start of class you should receive information for how to enter our live classroom by email. Let us know if yours does not arrive but, please, check your spam filter first.

Every August we will also offer course orientation sessions before semester courses begin. Date and time to be announced.

coloseum in Rome


Tuition and Fees

Some live online programs require a math degree and a lot of digging if you wish to estimate the final dollar amount of taking a course. We've tried to make it as easy as possible by skipping extra fees and hidden costs.

We charge on a course-by-course basis

ancient Athenian coinWe don't require that you pay for a whole year at once. Tuition covers the cost of attending each beautifully illustrated class live, online, without any additional software to purchase or long distance phone charges. We encourage parents to observe sessions with their students and may do so free of charge.

Our courses often fill to capacity well in advance of the first class session. Reserve a seat by paying the full tuition cost. Any unpaid seats will be made available to others once the course is near capacity.

Tuition does not cover required books

Families may find many of the required books at their local libraries by inter-library loan or as used books. Please obtain recommended editions and translations, however. When an instructor requestions a specific edition or translation it is for very good reasons.

We do not charge a membership fee or a registration fee

In fact, after you have registered for any semester course, you will receive a 10% discount on any and all additional full priced semester courses or full priced workshops during that same semester. This discount cannot be combined with any other specials, sibling rates or audit discount rates. This discount does apply to additional courses attended by siblings, parents or spouses of the registered student.

We provide two ways to pay your tuition

You may pay by personal check by mail or by PayPal. If you register for a course fewer than seven days before the first class session, you must pay using a PayPal account. The late fee listed below applies only to semester course registration, not to workshops. You are welcome to register for a workshop until the class fills or the first session meets, whichever comes first.

TUITION - applicable to courses beginning summer 2014

Semester Courses (16 weeks)

Note: after paying full price for one semester course, your family is eligible for a 10% discount on all other full priced semester courses or full priced workshops during the same semester.

full price fee per semester/semester course
discount rate for siblings attending same course/session
audit (no graded course elements, just listen and enjoy--not applicable to language courses)
AP Latin IV per semester
Workshops (4 sessions)
full price workshop fee
discount rate for siblings attending from same computer (if room permits, siblings may attend separately)
Other fees
NSF (returned check)
semester course late fee (registration and/or payment fewer than 14 days prior to start of a semester course)
national language exam fee (automatically added to the invoice for both Greek and Latin courses)--spring only


While we are on the topic of fees and tuition...

Course recordings

All of our live sessions are recorded. These recordings are available upon request to registered students at no additional charge (free!).  These recordings are a courtesy. We cannot guarantee them. They are deleted 7 days after the live session meets. Please watch all recordings as soon as possible.

Occasionally, we make courses available by recording only because a student cannot meet at the scheduled time. Please be aware that such students must view the recording within 7-days after the class meets.

Auditing a Course

The student attends and listens to each session without fulfilling any of the course requirements. Auditing is an option available only for semester courses. Students may not audit language courses. If there is enough room in the semester course, a student may register to audit. Similarly, if a course fills, auditing students will be given the option of paying full price to retain a seat in the course (as an auditor) or earn a tuition credit. Auditors will not have access to quizzes and tests, nor will the instructor grade any written assignment for that student.

Sibling Discounts

We provide a sibling discount rate for semester classes and workshops attended by siblings in the same course at the same time. If room allows, paying siblings may attend the class from a separate computer. In the event that a course fills to capacity, siblings will be asked to share a computer and occupy only one 'seat' in the classroom. Those who pay the sibling rate are entitled to all course privileges including class review games, quizzes, and instructor grading. Sibling discounted rates are not subject to any additional discounts, neither offered nor implied.

Purchasing a Gift Certificate

On any registration form you may purchase a gift certificate for either a workshop of semester course. Let us know if you want your purchase price to go toward a specific course or if you would prefer a generic certificate. We will generate a special gift certificate form for you to send to a friend or loved one as a gift.

Refund Policy

If you are new to The Lukeion Project and are not sure if our courses are a good fit for your student, we are pleased to speak with you personally or by email until your questions have been answered to your satisfaction. If you wish, you may view a recorded session upon request (course material will vary depending on sessions available on our server). We want you to make an informed decision about your registration before you secure your seat in a course. Email us with questions at inf...@lukeion.org or reach us by phone number 919-342-6840 (do not call Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday since calls will interupt live sessions).

We believe that the majority of our families weigh their commitment carefully before registering for a class and would never register for courses they do not intend to take. Unlike many distance learning providers, our courses are live. This places a strict limit on the number of class participants. When you register for a class you initiate the matriculation process, reduce the number of available seats and commit income to the instructors. We provide refunds according the following guidelines:

Official Refund Policy

Failure to attend

All of our courses are live. If you fail to attend, we cannot offer provision for that absence except in the form of recorded sessions. These recordings provide both sound and visuals. Since they are a courtesy and not the intended media of our presentation, we cannot guarantee them or their availability in any way. Recordings may be requested and viewed within 7 days of the live event. At the end of seven days they are deleted from our server so please be sure to view the recordings within 7 days.

Technical difficulties on the part of your personal computer, your internet provider or your connection to the internet (modem or router) do not warrant a refund since classes may be attended using any high speed internet connection on nearly any computer platform (caveat: tablets do not yet work with our VoIP technology). Our classroom provider offers unlimited technical support by calling 866-229-3239. Full recordings (audio and video) of sessions are available to registered students by request.

Failure to Deliver

Occasionally, unusual circumstances take us out of the live classroom. In the event of serious illness, equipment or power failure or family emergencies that prevent us from meeting with a class as scheduled, we will make a reasonable effort to provide a recording of the missed session as soon as we are able to do so. If we determine that we are unable to provide or complete a promised course due to long-term illness or family tragedy, we will refund pro-rated tuition fees as soon as we are able to do so.