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Course Availability


All class times listed are EASTERN (New York time). Please adjust for your time zone since all classes are live online. Class sizes are strictly limited. To see more about a class, click on the course title.

2015-2016 course registration begins March 2, 2015:

Summer Workshops June 15-18, 2015
9 am 10:15 am 11:30 am 1 PM 2:15 PM 3:30 PM
The First War: Homer's Iliad Imperial Murder Mystery Bizarre Ancient Languages & Alphabets The Art of Roman Warfare Troy: Horses, Heroes, History Become an Archaeologist

The following workshops are also available but are available by recording only:

Autumn SEMESTER 2015 (week of August 24-December 8)

Time ET Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9 am Latin 1a
Latin 2a
Witty Wordsmith

Latin 1a

Greek 1a Greek 2a
Mythology Alpha
11:30 Latin 1a
Latin 3a
Greek 4a
Muse: Survey of Greek Literature

Latin 2a

Greek History

AP Latin 4a

2:15 Latin 2a
Greek 1a

Vase Painters, Story Tellers Workshop

Witty Wordsmith

4 Latin 1a
Greek 3a

Latin 3a

Spring SEMESTER 2016 (week of January 18-May 3)

Time ET Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9 am Latin 1b
Latin 2b
Barbarian Diagrammarian

Latin 1b

Greek 1b Greek 2b
Mythology Beta
11:30 Latin 1b
Latin 3b
Greek 4b
Muse: Survey of Roman Literature

Latin 2b

Roman History

AP Latin 4b

2:15 Latin 2b
Greek 1b

Fruitful Fields & Fabulous Feasts Workshop

Advanced Research Writing

Barbarian Diagrammarian

4 Latin 1b
Greek 3b

Latin 3b

Registration for summer and the 2015-16 academic year opens March 2, 2015