The Lukeion Project is the World Leader in Live Online Classical Education

Specializing in high school Latin 1-6), Greek (1-6), Classical Lit. & Word Roots, Classical Archaeology, Research Writing, Grammar, Classical History, and (new) Shakespeare's Classical Plays

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Look for Amy Barr's column as "The Classical Homeschooler" in 2012-2015 issues of The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

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Mac, PC & Linux users may all join our live online classroom via high-speed internet. Many tablet formats now work as well.

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Click for info on Lukeion trips. Italy is our 2017 trip. Be sure to follow our adventures on Facebook.

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Welcome to The Lukeion Project

Gladiator StrollAt the Lukeion Project we specialize in the Classical world. We offer college-preparatory courses in Classical Latin, Classical Greek, Classical Literature in translation, Greek & Roman History, Mythology, Word Roots, English Grammar and Classical Archaeology to learners around the globe through live, online classes (these are not recordings, chat rooms, or do-it-yourself distance learning sessions). Our courses are vividly illustrated, lively, and interactive.

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The Lukeion Approach

We combine history, archaeology and Classical literature to bring the ancient world to life in vivid color. Our live, online classroom allows students from around the globe to participate in class together with expert instructors using any high speed internet connection. Sessions are interactive, not recorded, and include high quality, professional graphics that engage today’s visual-learning generation. We have students from all continents but Antarctica and most of the United States.

Our courses feature the very best benefits of online convenience and live instruction with teacher interaction. Courses are kept small with the maximum number of 30 students. Instructors are always happy to answer student questions during our live sessions and by email during the week.

Travel with us

The value of travel is frequently disounted in a society that places so much emphasis on sitting in a classroom five days a week. Travel abroad has the power to ignite a passion for learning language, art, history, and just about everything else! Not only is travel mind-expanding and powerful, it also serves as a marvelous way to bond with fellow travelers ...even family members.

The Lukeion Project began organizing special tours to the Mediterranean in 2008 so that whole familes might experience the ancient world together. Our tours are open to families traveling with kids 8* and older. Graduating teens looking for the perfect "senior trip" adventure, couples, and individual adults are welcome. The mix of ages makes travel that much better! You need not be enrolled in our classes to travel with The Lukeion Project.

*12 and up is the recommended age.

Classes at The Lukeion Project

AeginaThe Lukeion Project offers a selection of semester courses for those working at the middle/high school level as well as 4-session workshops appropriate for students age 10-adult.

The live, online classroom allows students from around the globe to participate in class together. Sessions are interactive and include high quality, professional graphics that engage today’s visual-learning generation. Exams and review activities are available online for each class.

All of our courses meet once a week except during the summer when our workshops meet four consecutive days.

Register for 2016-2017 classes

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Course Subjects

We are pleased to provide recent recording samples while you consider joining us in the coming school year. Just contact us. We want you to make a confident decision to enroll in any course at The Lukeion Project.

19 Unique Semester Courses

Semester courses are generally high school level and college preparatory with the exception of Witty Wordsmith and Barbarian Diagrammarian courses which are designed to prepare students for beginning language studies.

In addition to offering mastery of subjects, all of our courses are designed to help your learner practice note-taking, self-organization, time-management, research writing, testing skills, essay writing and much more.

Click to view more information on each subject:

Workshops are designed for those who are: interested! View workshop descriptions

The Lukeion Project offers a variety of workshops on Classical archaeology, history, literature, and art. Most 4-session classes are geared toward those working at a 6th /7th grade level and up. Gifted students, adults and older students will thoroughly enjoy these workshops as well. Workshops are lively, well-illustrated, interactive and a bit addictive!

About The Lukeion Project

Troy tourThe Lukeion Project Founders Regan and Amy Barr launched The Lukeion Project in 2005. As veteran archaeologists, experts in ancient languages and history, and home educators of three, the Barrs provide a unique educational approach that fosters excellence, enthusiasm and college preparedness. Our teaching staff has expanded to include Dr. Sue Fisher who shares similar expertise.

  • Click here to read about our live online technology and classroom experience.

What is The Lukeion Project & who teaches all the courses?

  • Click here for a history of The Lukeion Project and instructor credentials.

Not all online classes are the same

Today it seems like there are a great many 'online' classes available on nearly every subject but beware! 'Online course' can refer to anything from a freeform, unstructured email coorespondence class; to a series of online self-tutorials to a Skype session. You will find that our online method is unparalleled.

When comparing our courses to others, consider The Lukeion Project difference. All of our courses include:

  • Live instruction (not a chat room nor a recording though those are available on request)
  • Organized, well-paced, action-packed one hour sessions help challenge and keep students on track
  • Challenging semester courses graded by instructors
  • Beautifully illustrated with extensive proprietary collection of images from throughout the Classical world (not a 'talking head' video of the instructor).
  • Instructors maintain full control of each session for the optimal learning environment.
  • Classes are well annotated (a great way to develop note taking skills and a real boost for the visual learner)
  • Courses are packed with extra learning tools: practice games, links, primary sources, helpful handouts, and much more.


Frequently Asked Questions

AthensVisit our FAQ's (frequently asked question ) page or find out how to contact The Lukeion Project if we have not provided an answer on this list. We are happy to answer any of your questions by email. We are normally in office from 9-5, Monday through Thursday except when we are not. Reaching us by email is the best way of contacting us since we spend a lot of time in class (and phones aren't compatable with teaching live classes).

We leave for the Mediterranean every May to show people around, and we are frequently speakers at home education conferences. Otherwise, anticipate a fairly quick response by email.

Please reserve all phone calls for only Mondays, 9-5 and Fridays, 9-5 PM ET (our instructors are usually teaching a class at all other hours and won't be able to respond to your call):

Family Travel with The Lukeion Project

PompeiiWe believe that travel is the best educational gift you can give a child. Every May the founders of The Lukeion Project, Regan and Amy Barr, load up a private bus and tour a portion of the Classical world. We invite families (children should be 8 or older) to travel together with us along with adults and older students to see the finest sites of the Classical world.

We handle all the logistics while you and your family get to enjoy adventure and travel as a family. You need not be registered at The Lukeion Project to travel with us.

Click here for an introduction to Lukeion Tours to the Mediterranean

Plan ahead:

Click here to find out more about Lukeion travel adventures and how to join us If you would like more information about our trips, please be sure to register for our e-news below.

Success at The Lukeion Project

TurkeyA lot of people say nice things about us. Here is a list of just a few of those kind words. We appreciate the learners who come our way, we appreciate you inviting future learners to join us and we hope you will always enjoy exploring the past.

More than 90% of Lukeion Project language students take honors on the National Latin Exam and the National Greek Exam each year.

The Lukeion Project is pleased to be included on HSLDA’s “Home schooling Thru High School” curriculum web page, and is regularly sought out by parents of gifted and talented students.

Find our article "How to Thrive in Latin and Greek" in the 2010-2011 Winter Edition of The Old Schoolhouse and "Unprepared for College" in the 2013 annual print ed. of The Old Schoolhouse.

Our own Amy Barr is also a monthly columnist as The Classical Homeschooler in The Old SchoolhouseThe Old Schoolhouse magazine in all editions 2012-2014. Regan Barr is a regular contributor to Schoolhouse Teachers.

Course Resources

To order semester books, go to our online bookstore.

Texts and readings will be provided by the instructor in the following classes:

  • Greek History
  • Roman History
  • Witty Wordsmith (Optional: BLANK Vis-Ed cards for flashcards)
  • Barbarian Diagrammarian

Type in Greek! Start to master this skill before you get started in Greek 1. Install the IFAO-Grec Unicode font on your computer. The download link is near the bottom right of this web page (which is in French). Look for the link “ 268 Kb ”

  • Windows: we use “Keyman Desktop Light,” which can be purchased for under $25 here. Select the “Greek Classical” language as one of your free keyboards.
    • Mac: Go here to buy a key shift program for under $40.

Register Online

Greek VaseRegistration opened March 1. All courses are available on a first come, first served basis. Your registration puts a short term hold on the seat you have requested so don't stress. If there is room in the course, we will send you an invoice. Please pay promptly to reserve your seat perminantly. If there is not room, we'll offer some options for a waiting list or additional session times.

How to register:

  1. Choose the class and session time
  2. Then check course availability.
  3. Visit our 2016-2017 class registration. Fill out the form as completely as possible to avoid delays. We will not sell your data and your data is secured by FormStack. Be sure to click that "submit" button once you've double checked your course selection(s).
  4. Be sure to choose your payment method (check by mail or PayPal). You must pay by PayPal if you register fewer than 7 days prior to the first session. Questions about tuition? Go here.
  5. We will send an invoice to the email address you provide. Please pay promptly. No seat is guaranteed until you have paid in full.
  6. Expect instructions to arrive no later than 24 hours before class starts at the email address(es) you provided on your registration (semester course instructions begin to arrive 7 days prior to the start of class)
  7. Come to class at least 10 minutes early for your very first Lukeion Project session. This will allow our classroom software to load on your computer.

Though we provide an online registration form, real humans take care of all the paperwork. Please be patient with us while we add you to our database and roster but don't hesitate to contact us if you think there's been an error or an overly long delay.

Class Tuition Information

coinWe make paying for courses at The Lukeion Project as simple as possible.

We do not charge registration or membership fees nor make registration an ordeal of Byzantine proportions. We do not include the price of books to courses which require them because we trust that you will be able to find them at the best rates elsewhere or even check them out at a local library (or even find an e-reader copy).

We give you a discount when you register for more than one class. Once you register for a semester course, you can add any additional semester courses or workshops during that same semester for a 10% discount. Click here to see course tuition and fees. Be sure to check out our refund policy on that same page. Our refund policy applies whether you've read it or not so you might as well get a jump on things.

There is no late fee for last minute workshop registration. Alas! There is a $25 late fee for semester course registration/payment 14 days or fewer prior to the first class meeting because matriculation is a real bear, especially at the last minute.