What should my learner expect from The Lukeion Project Barbarian Diagrammarian?

Classes meet once a week live and have weekly assignments based on assignments provided by the instructor.

Learners should keep an organized notebook and recopy class notes after each session.

Online review games are available on the class web page to help students prepare for tests. In addition to multiple choice and matching type questions.

Lukeion English Students will:

1. Complete weekly assignments
2. Take online tests including a midterm and final exam
3. Attend the live session once a week, and participate by asking great questions and offering answers when asked.

Hadrian's villa at Tivoli

Learn Essential English with
Barbarian Diagrammarian



Why study English with care?

You don't have to be a professor of English to know that there is an educational crisis in America: people don't know much about grammar anymore! After years of hearing a call for help from parents wishing to better equip students before they begin Greek or Latin, we've devised the perfect, robust, fun, visual approach:

"I've been meaning to write since June to let you know that [my daughter], as an 8th grader, took the ACT and scored in the 99% for her verbal component. This is directly attributable to her having participated in Amy's rigorous Latin class and Regan's Barbarian Diagrammarian. I so appreciate your wonderful courses and the academic challenge that you offer in such a very humorous but educational format. The cost for your course, when weighed against the scholarship offers that have flooded in since her results, is more than compensated. The return on investment is astronomical." ~Lynn L.

The Barbarian Diagrammarian:
Visual English for the Bold & Daring

Barbarian Diagrammarian

Who’s afraid of a little grammar? We can show you how to put it in its place! Are you ready to split some infinitives or dangle some participles with aplomb? This visual approach offers students the skills needed to start Latin, begin Greek, and claim ascendency over the English language. Master grammatical jargon, put nouns right where they belong, and get your hands on all the best weapons for defeating English grammar before it ever gets the better of you.

Required texts

There are a lot of English programs out there but most of them require hours of dry workbook assignments. This course will help you understand the English language from the ground up using a variety of techniques, not the least of which will be sentence diagramming.

Recommended for 7th/8th grade level and above.

All materials are provided by the instructor. There is no required text for this course.

Spring only. Two options:

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This course is the perfect companion for our autumn semester class:
The Witty Wordsmith: Greek & Latin Word Roots