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Though each trip is unique, we will visit many of the same places again in years to come.

Greece 2012

Italy 2011

Days 1-3 (Rome, Hadrian’s Villa, the Vatican)

Days 4-6 (Pompeii, Oplontis, Sorrento Hotel, Capri & Herculaneum – the best!)

Days 6-8 (Herculaneum cont., Paestum, Baia, Naples Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica)

Days 8-10 (Tiber Island, “Rome by Night,” Ostia Antica and Gladiator School)

Turkey: 2010

Greece:  2009

Italy: 2008

The Lukeion Project
Family Tours to the Mediterranean



What is different about our tours?

Education First

Marco expertly teaches our wide range of ages at PompeiiThe Lukeion Project has partnered with Education First Tours (EF Tours) to provide the finest educational travel experience.

All of our trips are custom tours, hand-crafted by Regan and Amy Barr who have chosen sites based on years of travel experience as archaeologists.  Expect to see not only the most famous sites from the Classical world, but many that are less well known simply because they are off the beaten track.  The results are a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the wonders of the ancient world while sampling the Mediterranean lifestyle, culture, crafts, hospitality and food.

Know Before You Go Sessions

Path to the harbor on SantoriniThere are a lot of tour companies that will take you to the Mediterranean.  Few will have education as a priority. Only one that delivers a fully rounded educational and cultural experience: The Lukeion Project. 

Starting around 6 months prior to departure, The Lukeion Project offers our travelers exclusive free live online sessions covering everything you need to know about our upcoming trip. The beginning of each session covers practical pointers on traveling in the Mediterranean to help you be a more confident traveler.  The second part of each session includes historical and archaeological importance of the sites on our itinerary as well as plenty of photographs to let you know what's in store.

Family Friendly

All ages

Tiberius' Dining Room at SperlongMost tours are designed for either groups of late high school / college students or the retired crowd.  We do something unusual:  we build a trip for families, teens and adults of all ages to enjoy.  The mix of ages has always been a huge asset for our tours. Seeing these experiences through the eyes of many ages has been a boon to even our singles or couples that choose to travel with us each year.

We welcome adults of any age and families with children as young as 8 years old.  Older students (17+) are welcome to travel without a chaperone making this a perfect "senior trip."  We cannot accommodate independent travelers ages 8-16 without an accompanying adult/older sibling. 

Stress free

Though travel can never be entirely stress free, we do our best to minimize travel worries because we handle nearly all the details. Included in the price of our trips:

A full cultural experience

Lesson on silk for carpetsIncluded with our set itinerary, we also treat our travelers to sample many local crafts and foods.  Depending on our destination country, anticipate stops at handicraft demonstration centers (silver, wood, pottery and weaving), exporters of local foods (such as olive oil and spices), souvenir shopping, and wine tasting opportunities. 

Our native-language speaking private tour director teams up with organizers Regan and Amy Barr to make each trip unique and well suited to our schedule and group.  We do our best to provide a sample of everything.







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Group shot at Aspendos, TurkeyItaly, May 19-31 2014


We will return to Greece in May 2015, Turkey in May 2016 and Italy in 2017