Praise for The Lukeion Project



Since we first opened our virtual classroom doors in 2005, we've worked very hard to provide superb Classical education. Through the years, the responses from our students and parents have been very positive. Here are just a few of the glowing reports we've received:

From a former Latin 2 student: "A few days ago, during freshman orientation at Michigan, I took the Latin placement --- and tested out of four semesters! (I'd prepared by translating some of the Loci Immutati: Socrates' views on death, etc.) The proctor even said my Ovid translation was pretty good --- I'd been worried because all his adjectives had been miles away from their nouns. ... By the way, I also took the Spanish placement, just for kicks; I'd spent the day before orientation learning Spanish grammar, fascinated --- and you won't believe it, but I tested out of two semesters! The practice I got in Latin 1 and 2 learning and analyzing forms truly helped me absorb Spanish. Well, four semesters means I've satisfied the foreign language requirement, and have 16 credits to spend on other interesting classes!" ~Samuel T., Lukeion Student
Latin 1 has been challenging for [my son]. It has also been very good for him. Sue Fisher is a terrific instructor. She has a great sense of humor ,is very kind ,and quick to respond to questions. Thank You for helping my son grow. ~Wallace, parent
[My daughter] loves Latin, and that is due to her having a great class with a fantastic teacher. Amy has really taught [her] so much. I can't believe [she] is entering her final year of high school. It seems like yesterday that I emailed Amy when [she] was in a Henle class and hating it in 8th grade. Time flies. But anyway, I am so happy she has had the opportunity to be part of your classes!
~Anita, parent
This past year, Z. took an online course offered by another well respected online academy and even though he found the topic interesting, he believes your classes are more challenging and interesting. Thank you for that.
~Charlotte W., parent
I love my Greek class.
~Belle T., student
B. and S. tell me that their Lukeion classes are the best classes (online or IRL) that they have ever taken. They truly appreciate that you give them a syllabus with dates attached and then stick to the syllabus. They appreciate that everyone does their homework. More importantly, they love being held to high standards (go figure)
~Sherene S., parent
We absolutely love Lukeion. M. will actually be enrolled in a part time classical academy next year, but we are still signing up for Lukeion because the teaching is superior to anything else we've used.
~Katherine S., parent
D. loves your class and wanted to be sure I registered him for Greek 3 next year ;)! Thank you!
~Julia K., parent
You have created a wonderful program. Thanks!
~Louise B., parent
I could not be more impressed with your classes. My son was begging to quit Latin when we switched from another online class to Lukeion. Now he is pestering me to do earlybird registration for AP Latin 4. Thank you!
~Heather Q., parent
My daughter enjoys your classes immensely. We are so happy to have found our school. Thank you!
~Megan E., parent
Thanks to Lukeion for giving M. the opportunity to excel at his studies!
~Jessica M., parent
You have helped me develop a love for mythology, the English and Latin languages and have taught me how to write essay questions and research papers. Thank you!
~Madeline N., student
S. has loved and excelled the last two years. He's looking forward to taking his Latin to the next level.
~Darcy H., parent
We love Lukeion! Our son Q. took Latin I last year and is now excelling in high school in his Latin II class. This year P. is taking Latin I. Our daughter is completing Latin II in high school and has chosen to switch to Lukeion for Latin III. Thank you for creating such clear and thorough programs, both in languages and history.
~Alison B., parent
This is G.'s 3rd year with Lukeion. You offer outstanding instruction! We look forward to adding M. to the Lukeion family.
~Jennifer R., parent
Looking forward to another challenging but fruitful year of Latin!
~Amy H., adult student
Love your work! I'm thrilled S. has this wonderful opportunity to work with the Lukeion teachers. She's had Latin for Children A-C, but this past year we took a break for informal logic. She's very concerned about taking this advanced class and keeping up. I've assured her she is ready for it.
~Micki C., parent
Thank you for providing an excellent option for homeschooling families!
~Vera H., parent
Happy campers through and through. Thank you for all you do!
~Cassie N., parent
Thank you for unburdening my homeschool curriculum! We look forward to another great year.
~Andrea K., parent
J. is a great fan, she tells everyone to take Latin with Lukeion! We appreciate the quality of your school.
~Andreanna M., parent
"After two weeks of college classes, I can say with confidence that your class prepared me better than any of my other classes for college workloads and thinking styles. When your AP kids complain about the amount of writing that they have to do, tell the young whippersnappers about their predecessor who is enjoying her college classes much more than her peers because of it."
~Amanda R., Lukeion veteran
I'm applying to Cambridge University in England to major in Classics there, and I'm hoping to submit one of the essays I wrote for your [AP Latin] class as a writing sample! ...Cambridge will be $40,000 cheaper than it could be, since I have the AP Latin qualification [from your course]. I would get to go through a three-year course instead of a four-year course, skipping the introductory year!
~E.H., student
I'm the parent of a child in your Latin IA class .... I have to write and say thank you because [my son] is enjoying the class so much. When he pushed away from the computer after the first class, he said, "Wow, that was really FUN." As if he'd just opened a bottle of medicine and found a Skittle. [My son] has hyperlexia with audio processing issues. He has great difficulty listening to things like podcasts, audiobooks, and for a long while as a little kid he watched movies with the subtitles turned on -- in English. I didn't think it would be possible for him to succeed in a class where there was a live audio component, but friends... encouraged me to try Lukeion. I'm so glad I did! The visuals you display -- words and pictures -- really help him. And he is loving the class. THANK YOU! You are doing a great job.
~Lydia N.
[my son] has already informed me that after he finishes his four years of Latin he intends to take Greek. He had a look of horror when I asked him what he was going to do if he goes back to a brick and mortar high school in a couple of years. He told me we would need to find a way to keep Lukeion!!
~ Liz A.
"I've been meaning to write ... to let you know that [my daughter], as an 8th grader, took the ACT and scored in the 99% for her verbal component. This is directly attributable to her having participated in Amy's rigorous Latin class and Regan's Barbarian Diagrammarian. I so appreciate your wonderful courses and the academic challenge that you offer in such a very humorous but educational format. The cost for your course, when weighed against the scholarship offers that have flooded in since her results, is more than compensated. The return on investment is astronomical."
~Lynn L.
"I just really love how the Barrs have helped open my son's eyes and mind to the beauty of the ancient world and have inspired him to want to learn more on his own. " Read more from this great blog post.
~Charlotte, parent
"When I first contacted Lukeion several years ago, I had hoped to take a class and eventually get my son, who is now 12, into a class or two of yours. .... I wanted you to know that your "Dust-free Antiquity" TM (!) approach to ancient history has set for us a high standard of expectation for the teachers at Daniel's school. Most of them live up to it, but sadly his teacher for ancient history this year seems a little sleepy on the job. Your newsletter links and exciting course descriptions are a real help to reminding [my son] that it doesn't have to be "borh--rhing"! I'll be watching your catalog for workshops and mini-classes that might fit in to the schedule, esp. in the summer."
~Diane, parent
"I was writing to let you know how impressed I have been with the quality of the Latin 3A course. I had been given only glowing reports of Lukeion through friends who were Davidson Young Scholars like [my son] but I was still bowled over by the standards you set...and the children worked to reach." 
~Mary Beth, parent
"My daughter has taken several workshops. She was thrilled and each class fed her intellectual curiosity in a wonderful way. My daughter is not easily thrilled, so that is a huge compliment! She was engaged by the subject matter, and the Barrs' enthusiasm definitely contagious. I highly recommend their classes! If you're a parent without a lot of inclination toward history, let the Barrs teach your kids!" Elizabeth, parent
"I keep thinking that I need to email you and Mrs. Barr to tell you how pleased we are with your classes. I appreciate so much your expertise, your enthusiasm and your standards (both expressed and enforced). I actually do a little "I love the Barrs" song and dance whenever I walk by and hear you or Mrs. Barr holding a student to the standard that was clearly laid out in the beginning. Besides maybe their music lessons, this is the first class where I finally feel like we're getting our money's worth and I don't have to come behind the teacher to supplement or teach, etc... It's obvious you're spending a lot of time preparing for these classes and really want your students to succeed. I believe the best teachers inspire their students and you both have done that for [my son] I know by things he says that part of him wanting to do well it to please you. He respects you both very much." ~Diane, parent
"I have to tell you, I am so very pleased with [ my son's] progress in Latin. I have long known that there is a distinct difference in his performance when he is working for either of the Barrs. He has great respect for both of you. When he is working for me, that desire to please just isn’t as strong  I have not always been a strong proponent of grammar as busy-work when my kids were younger, so I enrolled him in a live online English 3 class this year, through [another online program], so that he might have some concurrent refresher work in English grammar during this Latin course. Ironically, he is learning more about English grammar from the Latin course than he is from the Eng. 3. He is experiencing grief trying to complete the grammar work for that course, and I (a long-time ago English major) am also having trouble figuring out how to help him in that class!! Funny how things work out  Thank you for all you do in making the class(es) interesting and appealing. Thank you for earning his respect and for instilling in him a desire to succeed and do his very best. I am so thankful we found Lukeion !!" ~Labeth, parent
Every time someone asks me about home schooling a high schooler, I tell them about your program. Hopefully some of them have found their way to you. I also post your schedules on my Facebook page. I sincerely hope your program is around for a long time! You do great work.
~Rexanne, parent
“We want to thank you for giving (our daughter) such a wonderful ‘Latin foundation!!!’ She learned so much from you and I would highly recommend your program!”
Denise B., parent
"I tell (my kids) each week how blessed they are to have you BOTH teach this caliber of class – where we know the information is correct and coming from people who have been there and laid hands on this stuff! WE are so fortunate!" ~Cathy, parent
"We are not new to the Project but have thoroughly enjoyed our two year experience with you. We tell many people about your teaching. We will be with you for many years since the youngest guy here is only 10 and wanted to start Latin with you in the fall. We will try to fit in a few history workshops in the summer and the fall. Thanks for your great teaching and commitment to excellence!!”  
~Debbie, parent of several Lukeion Project students
"My sons have taken many Lukeion workshops, and we have never been disappointed- the class on Destroyed Cities was no exception! The content of Destroyed Cities is thorough, and Amy was a wonderful instructor- easy to listen to, and very engaging. After classes, my sons discussed what they had learned with the rest of the family. Amy's infectious enthusiasm filtered from my boys to their siblings, and suddenly we had a real home school know, the one where a small idea becomes a larger one. Suddenly, volcanic activity was the topic of the week, and my younger children were building volcanoes with the garden hose in our sandbox. Although Lukeion classes are for my teens, the great educational info from class has an impact on all in our family. Lukeion is a blessing to all of us!!!"
~Sarah, parent of several Lukeion Project students
"I really enjoyed Mrs. Barr's teaching. I had been working with a different Latin program but was unable to understand some of the points about the grammar, but Mrs. Barr helped me understand them very quickly. I was able to easily grasp all the topics she talked about."
~Tyler, student who ended up studying Latin with us for three years
"My kids loved the class so much that they gave their dad a full report at dinner and we also did some of our own research on people and places that you discussed. They now want to travel to Rome!!"
~mom of "Archaeology of Rome" workshop participants
"This was a very exiting workshop! Odysseus' journey by itself is an amazing story, and the instructor made it even more enjoyable by explaining it extremely well. Thank you for teaching!"
~Odyssey workshop student
"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how wonderfully handy the workshop syllabi are. I print one for every workshop to put in our home school notebook. It's a great reference on the information covered. I'm sure they are a lot of work to set up and maintain, but these touches add so much and are very useful. (semester classes & class web sites are also OUTSTANDING). Truth is I print out several and also send a copy to my hubby in Iraq.. it helps him stay involved.. BTW- He loves to show them to the other guys and tell them about what wonderful educational opportunities homeschoolers have.. They ARE impressed! (smiles... Go Lukeion!)"
~ Rita, parent
"We love, love, love Lukeion- and are so thankful for Regan, Amy & their children who allow their parents to teach!!!" Anonymous
"I was especially impressed with how you handled the class. I personally know 5 of the participants, and while these young men are great, and very respectful, I also know that they have opinions! Of all of your classes, this class seemed to have the most feedback to deal with ...questions, comments, etc. You did a super job handling each stray comment, or difficult question. You gently corrected strongly held opinions (some from my own sons). You did all of this effortlessly and seemed like a conductor of an orchestra, handling opinions, questions and comments all while pushing through your material. I can only imagine how LOUD this class would have been if everyone were in person. You did a super job, and my 3 sons loved it!"
~Parent of a Greek Warfare participant
"You're doing a great job, and we really appreciate you offering this service to homeschoolers. As a mom of 7 (aged 15 through 2 months), I have very little time to spare. Although my husband and I love history, and would like to be able to teach it totally on our own, we have found this to be unrealistic in our home right now :-). Also, we have wanted our son to experience classes with other teachers, and especially to learn how to meet deadlines that are set by others. Lukeion classes have fit perfectly into our family life, and have met many needs for our home school."
~Sarah, home school mom
"Regan Barr not only offered his expertise on Ancient Greece, but enabled his students to develop skills in note-taking, test-taking, and public speaking. These skills will prepare high schoolers to succeed in college level courses. In addition, both Regan and Amy went above and beyond, taking a personal interest in each student. The comments on quizzes, tests and papers reflected a genuine desire for his students to grow in knowledge, with constructive comments helping students to expand their learning in a positive way. The time, energy, and personal interest in each student's growth were above and beyond any expectation of an instructor. It is quite obvious that Regan and Amy value this lifestyle of sharing their expertise and God-given teaching ability with interested learners. Thank you! We can't wait to return to the Lukeion Project for Ancient Rome!"
~from parent of Greek History student
"Keeping a 15 year old boy interested in schoolwork is often a challenge. Using warfare and weapons as a basis for teaching history works for us. The Lukeion's courses and workshops are filled with memorable visuals, great stories to help remember important parts and engaging activities to reinforce the material. Once into the subject, my son extrapolates with many questions which instill a desire to learn more, not to mention building his knowledge base. If I asked him if he wanted a course in Ancient Greek Warfare he would turn me down flat, but when Professor Barr asked if anyone was interested, my son could not type his affirmative answer fast enough. My son has enjoyed both Professor Barr’s teaching styles and will continue to take classes from them, willingly, next year." ~Mother of one of our spring warfare students
"Right before I had my first lesson from Mrs. Barr I prepared myself to be bored ... after all, I was about to learn Latin. I figured whoever was teaching this had to be some monotone; boring professor ... I was proven so wrong! Both of the Barrs are interesting and funny and go out of the way to make learning enjoyable. Any teenager with a willingness to learn would benefit from the Lukeion Project. And those who don't ... might just change their minds after a Lukeion Project class." ~Then Latin 1 student—now in college after three years of Lukeion Latin
"My child hasn't been this excited about learning in a very long time!"
~Elizabeth, parent
"I loved it! After each class I would tell my brothers and sister about the things I learned. The classes are very good, ...everything explained very well. I would take every class you had if I had enough time!" ~Greek Culture student, age 15
"These classes are great! Not only do you learn a huge amount of ancient history, but you get to see some wonderful pictures of archeological artifacts. The classes are very well presented. The technology is amazing-it is just like being in a real class room. I learned a lot of things over the four days, thank you for teaching!" ~Diane, one of our adult Troy workshop attendees
"I have been meaning to ... let you know what a fabulous time [my son] had in your classes this semester. He loved your lively, information packed presentations, the vivid snapshots of ancient history and art in your slides, and the interactive, enjoyable format of the readings and the homework. I was very pleased with the writing and presentation focus of the course and feel they definitely added an additional level of interaction and learning. He looks forward to more in the spring semester!"
~Jean, Parent of one of our Mythology students
"The Lukeion Project is a web site our family recently found through a link at HSLDA. It is run by a set of home schooling parents who are archaeologists and educators, and have a desire to share their immense knowledge with others. Our oldest has taken some of the "summer intensive workshops," and loves them. As a parent, I have been very impressed with the content (which is made fun- never dry), and the instructor. Additionally, I have been pleased with the respectful tone of the classes towards Christianity (while the classes are not overtly Christian, the instructors are Christians, and seek to weave their faith into classes when appropriate. They do not, however, "bonk" people who are not Christians over the head with issues of faith.) These classes are highly recommended!!!"
~Sarah, home school parent of 7
"The Lukeion Project is a great resource for ministers. I attended the Crucifixion workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. It provided new information surrounding the Passion Week and really stimulated a greater spiritual awareness of God’s love and his plan. Keep it going; I know it will bless many more ministers as word gets out." ~Forrest, Church Leader, Oklahoma City, OK
"I would definitely recommend this workshop (Alexander the Great) to a friend. It is great! Lots of details are explained very well and in a manner that is easy to understand."
~Anonymous participant
"This class (Athens) is great. I learned so much about Athens that I didn't know before. I especially liked how Regan described the buildings, their design and functions. Thank you for teaching!"
~Norris, age 15
"Thanks Lukeion for making the ancient world relevant to our world. My kids have loved their classes and are constantly noticing things in our culture now that are really descendants of the Greek and Roman roots. We had the privilege to tour Kennedy Space Center last week…. Not only did they know who Apollo was but Apollo XIII is marked with winged horses and a Latin inscription--each of which they were able to tell me about. Way to go. We will definitely be looking to sign up again."
~DeeDee, parent